Piedmont Grandeur

Set on nearly a full acre in an isle of tranquility between Sotelo and Glen Alpine Avenues, elegant, fully renovated estate at 17 Sotelo Avenue reigns in the heart of one of Piedmont’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Living in this elegant, Colonial Revival home, with its big Bay and tree views, will charm you every day. On the romantic side, it’s hard to choose between the two master suites, each with a fireplace. On the practical side, there’s a six-car garage, with a near-level connection to a big mudroom/laundry just off the kitchen. And what a kitchen! This luminous space is itself full of romance and practicality: romantic, with its cozy breakfast-area fireplace, with floor-to-ceiling windows delivering huge garden views; practical, in its professional design intended for serious cooks and caterers.

Sotelo Ext


Superb. Honest, intelligent, uncompromising. She obviously cared about us and our happiness, not just her bottom line. Incredible work ethic.

Buyers Hazel Lane, Piedmont


By the Roaring Twenties, Piedmont was known as the “City of Millionaires” because it had the most resident millionaires per square mile of any city in the United States. Many of these millionaires built mansions that still stand, notably on Sea View Avenue and Sotelo Avenue/Glen Alpine Road in ‘Alta’ Piedmont. Piedmont became a charter city under the laws of the state of California on December 18, 1922. Learn more about Piedmont here.

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