Getting to know the City of Piedmont

The independent city of Piedmont is one of the East Bay’s most sought-after communities. The town offers a wide variety of homes, from bungalows to mansions, wonderful parks, verdant neighborhoods, and marvelous views of the Bay and San Francisco beyond.

1 City Hall

The town combines the best aspects of a small town with the stimulus of a vibrant urban area. It all starts with Piedmont’s strong civic institutions. There is a high degree of citizen participation in all levels of local government, and there are ample opportunities to volunteer. The police and fire departments are based in the center of this town measuring only one mile by two, and are typically just minutes away from any home in the city.

2 Community Center

Piedmont’s Community Center, renovated this year, is the site of many gatherings and community activities, from town meetings to wedding receptions.

3 Center For Arts

The Piedmont Center for the Arts regularly hosts gallery exhibitions, plus music concerts from classical to rock.

4 Historic Homes

The town is known for its fine homes, which range from simple bungalows to large mansions. Piedmont is a calm, quiet, Bay Area jewel, yet San Francisco is just a bridge away..

Piedmont is famous for its nationally ranked schools, which offer a complete K-12 education. Parent involvement is strong, and the teaching environment makes the schools a magnet for fine educators.

A historic church overlooks the center of town, while the equally historic “Exedra” serves as the gateway to the town’s Central Park—just one of many located throughout Piedmont.

Here in the main park, children have ample room to run and play (left). Wooded Dracena Park (right), just a few blocks away, offers similar amenities. San Francisco Magazine declared the town the “best place for kids,” and it’s easy to see why.

13 Crocker Stroll

Strolling around Piedmont, you are struck by the town’s beauty at every turn.

14 Tea House

Local organizations thrive here, ensuring the town’s legacy, such as the hundred-year-old Tea House, sustained by a city-citizen partnership.

15 Queen of Hills

Piedmont: truly “the queen of the hills.”